Provides Slow and Steady Income


We have revised and improved the Z-20 Robot. It will provide you with a slow and steady income month after month. We have put it on for Proof and verification so that everyone can check out its Performance on a Third Party Website.

The MyFxBook Widget above shows its daily performance since the 31st of October 2016. It has made more than 6% Profit so far with 100% WINNERS so far and it is estimated that the monthly income would be in excess of 17.5% on your investment.

To make it easy and hassle free for you, I can install Z-20 Robot in your account and upload it on my VPS so that you do not have to worry about it. Whenever you wish you can open your MT4 account at your end and have a look whats going on. The advantage of putting it on my VPS is your savings. Normally a VPS Costs 30.00 per month but you will pay me only 15.00 so in all you will pay 47.00 + 15.00 = 62.00 per month and thus enjoy peace of mind.

If you have your own VPS then well and good, no need to pay extra for the VPS, just pay the monthly subscription fee of 47.00 only. The Z-20 Robot Subscription fee is actually 97.00 per month but I have reduced the subscription fee to less than half if you subscribe before Christmas as after the New Year the Subscription Fee will go back up to 97.00 per month

The Z-20 ADVANCED BREAKOUT System is the Greatest Breakout System ever created. Its making our Members, Profits of upto 100 pips a day, sometimes even more.

The Z-20 ADVANCED BREAKOUT System was developed in 2011 and Back Tested and Forward Tested ever since and when I was satisfied with its Performance I started sharing it with our Members since September 2012.

Ever since then, I have been receiving numerous requests to develop an Automated System that will help our Members to trade the Z-20 System as Set and Forget System.
Our American Members can stay in bed while the Z-20 Robot would trade for them. No need to get up early in the Morning to catch up the London Open. The Z-20 Robot will do all the Donkey Work for you while you are asleep and make money for you.

The Z-20 Robot is a High Tech and Highly Profitable Robot. It has many options that you can use. At exactly 07:00 am GMT it will place Pending orders on both sides of the Red Box if you leave the Trend Detection as False or if you wish it will place the Pending orders only in the direction of the Trend.

The Z-20 Robot will place 2 trades, it will take 10 pips profit on the first trade and bring the stop loss to 3 pips profit for the second trade. If the second trade doesn't pullback and get you stopped out with 3 pips profit then it will go on to make 100 pips profit. After 10 to 20 pips of profit the Trailing Stop will start 10 pips behind. The Trailing Stop will continue every 10 pips ahead until either it gets stopped out or hit the Target of 100 pips.

The Great Advantage of the Z-20 Robot is that you can place it on as many Pairs as you wish. It will place the Pending orders on all the pairs at the same time.


  • Trade with 0.01 Micro lot to 10 Lots on each Pair depending on your Account size.
  • If you wish you can put in your own Take Profit 1 and Take Profit 2
  • You can set your own Start time if you like for example trade the EUR Pairs at 07:00 am and the GBP Pairs at 08:00 am.
  • You can also trade the American Breakout System with the Z-20 Robot.
    I will show you how.
  • You can choose your own Stop Loss level
  • You can also set your own Trailing Stop

The Z-20 Robot is suitable for those who already have the Z-20 ADVANCED BREAKOUT System and they do not wish to get up in the middle of the night to trade the London Session and also for those like me who do not like waking up early in the morning. The Z-20 ROBOT will work for you and place the trades for you at the selected times.

It is not compulsory to own the Z-20 ADVANCED BREAKOUT System. Anyone can buy the Z-20 ROBOT and Make Money Everyday.

The Z-20 Robot is available on a Monthly Subscription. What you will be paying is peanuts compared to what this Robot will be making for you. You can unsubscribe anytime you like.

I assure you that you will not be disappointed. In fact you will wish why was it not developed earlier.

The License will work only on one Live Account and one Demo Account. Please send me your Account numbers after the Purchase. I will make your License Key and send it to you.

I have reduced the monthly subscription fee to less than half. Just pay 47.00 per month and keep the rest for yourself.


97.00 47.00 Only

62.00 With VPS

Please Allow 12 Hours To Receive The Robot
Also send me your Live and Demo Account Number to Make your License.