Profits made = $2078.82 in about one minute
with Mini Lots

The ZWINNER News Trading Robot will help you Trade The News and make Profits on most of the News. It will place Pending orders simultaneously on 7 different pairs which is very difficult to do manually.


First we make 7 Major Pairs with each currency. Suppose there is a News from the Euro Zone and we want to trade the Euro Zone Economic Data Release, we will make 7 Currency Pairs with the Euro and they are EUR/USD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY, EUR/CAD, EUR/AUD and EUR/NZD.

The News is due at 8:00 GMT, we will first see what is our Brokers Server time and suppose their server time is one hour ahead of the GMT, we will set the ZWINNER NEWS Trading Robot one minute prior to the News, that will be at 8:59 (Broker's Server Time) to place the Pending Orders 10 pips above and 10 pips below the open of the 8:59 candle. It has options to place the pending Orders as far as you wish. By default it is set at 10 pips away from the open of the new candle There is also an option to place the Pending orders in the direction of the main trend or not, because it has been observed that most of the time the News will move the market in the direction of the current Trend. But its not guaranteed that the market will definitely move in the direction of the current Trend, therefore you may turn OFF the Trend Detection Option. In this case the ROBOT will place Pending orders on both sides, Long as well as Short as OCO ( One Cancels Other). If one order is filled in the other order will automatically be removed.

We also have an option to place 2 pending orders on both sides or not. If we use this option as True then the ROBOT will place 2 Pending orders on both sides. The first trade will take 10 pips profit by default or if you wish you may increase or decrease this number and once the 10 pips profit is taken, the stop loss for the second trade will automatically be moved to Break Even. There is also an option to use the Breakeven or not as the second orders Target is 100 pips.

There is also an option to use the Trailing Stop or not. The Trailing stop is set by default to 20 pips with steps of 10 pips. This means that as soon as we make 20 pips profit on the second trade, the trailing stop will start functioning and will move every 10 pips behind. You can also set the Trailing Stop yourself to whatever figure you wish.

I have been using this EA for quite some time and it has been making me profits consistently. Once you start using the ZWINNER NEWS TRADING ROBOT you will get hooked to it.
Here is just one example of the Trades that this News Robot will pick and make you money.


AFTER 10 MINUTES .... PROFIT = $290.50

AFTER 15 MINUTES .... PROFIT = $346.90

AFTER 20 MINUTES .... PROFIT = $398.06

The above is an example of just one News. There are more than 30 Volatile Tradable News every month. Just imagine if you just concentrated on trading the News, how much can you make in a month.

The ZWINNER NEWS TRADING ROBOT is available on a Monthly Subscription basis. The Monthly Subscription Fee is 97.00 only You will recover your Subscription Fee on the very first day of your trading. I have now reduced the Subscription Fee to less than 50% and made it easy for everyone to benefit. Just pay 47.00 per month and keep the rest for yourself. Do Not Delay, Subscribe Today!

97.00     47.00

Please Note: You will receive the Licence to run on one Live account and one demo account only. For additional license you need to pay 50% extra per license. After the purchase please send me an email mentioning both your Live and Demo Account Numbers and please allow at least 12 hours to receive the ROBOT.