Forex trading carries a high level of risk. If you decide to trade do not invest more than
you can easily afford to lose. Seek advice from a Registered Professional before you trade.

Here is an Ideal Opportunity for you to earn a Passive Income without lifting a Finger. All you have to do is to open a Standard account with the Best Broker we recommend, whose spreads are the lowest possible in the industry. Once you open a Standard account with 500:1 Leverage, send the account Number and Password to us and leave the rest to us.
Your account will be in safe hands. We will attach a Copier to your account and place it in our VPS and then our very profitable Robot will trade for you day and night.

Here are some back Tests for the last 15 Months. The first one is on an Account of $10,000.00 earning nearly $9420 that is 94% and the second one is an Account of $2000.00 earning $4650.61 that is 232% Profit in 15 months.

Our ZEE_LONG_TERM_FOREX_TRADING_ROBOT is a slow Robot but very safe. It trades on the 1Hr Charts and on an average it picks up about 8 trades per month, providing us with a good Passive Income every month. Once your account is set up, nothing to worry about, the ZEE_ROBOT will trade whenever it sees an opportunity and it will make money for you. The Robot is set to Take profits of 50 pips with a Stop loss also at 50 pips. Out of all the Forex Pairs, we get the best performance on the GBPUSD Pair, so we will be trading only GBPUSD Pair.

All you need to do is first open a Standard account not ECN account with 500:1 Leverage with this Broker through this Link:

With the ECN account the spreads are low but the brokers charge commissions also. The ECN account is very good for Scalping and Day Trading but for long term trading we are not much worried about the spreads and we save the commissions as there are no commissions with the standard accounts. The spread is only between 1.0 and 1.4 pips (https://www.icmarkets.com/en/trading-pricing/spreads)

You may open an account with a minimum of $2,000.00 upto maximum of $20,000.00. We will set your Lot size accordingly. If in any doubt please get in touch with me.

Our Monthly Subscription fee as Administrative charges including the VPS Fees is only 47.00, plus 20% of the profits as our Performance Fee, to be paid at the end of every month.

You need to send me your MT4 Account number, Password and your brokers server name. We will then set your account in our VPS and attach the Copier to your account. Whatever trades our Robot takes, will be copied into your account.

Then sit back, relax and watch the trades that our Robot takes, right in front of you.
This is a Set and Forget Robot. No need to worry, it is a Long Term Forex Trader and it will provide you with a Passive Income without even lifting a finger.


You need to subscribe through PayPal and pay 47.00 per month. You can cancel your subscription at anytime you wish. You will not be billed by PayPal anymore. Please click the PayPal link below to Join Us.