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Diabetes UK, Wellingborough Group:
As a diabetic UK group, we can offer opportunities for you to share experiences, if you wish, with others in your local area and keep up-to-date with diabetic care and management. For many, joining a group can be the first step in learning how to manage their diabetes.


Previous Meetings


Speaker Clare Morris

Clare works throughout Northamptonshire talking to groups to highlight the risks of pre-diabetes and to share her expertise in diet management to help reduce the risks particularly for family members of diabetics.

What is pre-diabetes?
A person would be diagnosed with ‘pre-diabetes’ if their HbA1c blood results are raised above the norm, but as of yet, have not exceeded the standard test levels for Type 2 diabetes. Research shows that 50% of those people diagnosed with ‘pre-diabetes’ will go on to develop full blown Type 2 diabetes.

It is recognised that some of the 50% will develop Type 2 diabetes no matter what intervention is taken. However, there’s a significant number that could delay or mitigate the onset of Type 2 through weight management and an increase in activity.

What are the risks?
People at a greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes are family members living with someone already diagnosed with Type 2. The reason for this is likely to be a mixture of genetic, behavioural and environmental influences.

Family history of diabetes will play a part as well as getting older.

Research has shown that if one parent has diabetes then the risk of a child developing diabetes is 15%. If both parents have diabetes then the risk increases to 75%.

Ethnicity has also shown to be a key factor; Afro-Caribbean communities are three times more likely to develop diabetes and East Asian communities are six time more likely.

These increased risks are not just down to diet - these ethnic groups tend to have a body mass that resists insulin more and therefore increases their overall risks of developing Type 2.

Men are more likely to develop diabetes than women; this is mainly because men tend to hold fat around their middle which is known to increase insulin resistance. There is also a strong link between high BMI (Body Mass Index) and the risk of developing diabetes - if BMI is greater than 25 you are at risk. The above are just some of the risk factors – some of which you can’t change, but some you can and should!

There are a number of tools available from the Diabetes UK, Wellingborough Group that can help you access your risk factors; these include:

  • Diabetes Risk Score Sheet
  • Are you at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes leaflet?
  • Pre - Diabetes Self - referral – see below.

If you live within the Northamptonshire area you can refer yourself for a free consultation with the Northants Diabetes Multi - disciplinary Team. You can contact them on 01327 708113 or email

Diabetes UK, Wellingborough Group:

As a diabetic UK group, we can offer opportunities for you to share experiences, if you wish, with others in your local area, and keep up - to - date with diabetic care and management. For many, joining a group can be the first step in learning how to manage their diabetes.

If you’d like to know more about the Wellingborough Group go to or call 01933 385175 or 07446 173 088

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Before the Meeting Started

After the Meeting our ChairPerson Mariam presented a
Bouquet of Flowers to our Guest Speaker Clare Morrison


Looking After Diabetic Feet
Speaker Sharon Hampton


Our Second Meeting at the Isebrook Hospital was about Diabetic Feet Care. This Meeting was held on Friday the 17th of October and our Guest Speaker was Sharon Hampton.
Sharon qualified as a Podiatrist in 1992, since then she has been working as a Podiatrist and has also been involved in Research on Foot Ulceration.
Sharon worked in the Central Middlesex Hospital, London and in Oxfordshire

Presently Sharon is working in Northampton since 2004 as a Community Podiatrist with a special interest in Diabetes. She recently took on a newly developed post as an Educator to provide training to Medical Staff on “Diabetic Foot Disease”

Sharon talked to us about “Looking After Diabetic Feet”. With the help of some slides she showed us how important it is to look after our feet and how to prevent and take care of our feet. Here are some pictures of our Meeting Attendees and our Guest Speaker Sharon Hampton.

Sharon started with these feet and showed us what problems can arise due to diabetes.

Here are some of our Group Members

Some more Members on the right row.

Sharon presenting the Slide Show and explaining about the complications one can develop due to diabetes.

Sharon showed us some shoes for Diabetic People.

At the end of the Meeting Sharon inspected some of our Member's feet.

Before leaving, Mariam our Chair Person presented Sharon with a Thank You Card
and a Bouquet of Flowers on behalf of all of our Members.


Food For Thought
Speaker Elizabeth Robinson

On the 12th of September 2014 at 3:00 pm we had our first meeting at the Isebrook Hospital, Wellingborough, NN8 1LP and our Guest Speaker was Elizabeth Robinson, who has a BA (Hons) in Biochemistry from the University of York, a Postgraduate Diploma BA(Hons) PDND in Nutrition and Dietetics from Leeds University.

Liz has been working as a Registered Dietitian in the NHS for many years but for the last 13 years she has been working as Senior Specialist Diabetes Dietitian at Northampton General Hospital.
Liz is also a DAFNE Educator.

The Subject of Liz' talk was Food For Thought. Liz made the session very Interactive and everyone took part in it. The program was made very interesting indeed and we all learned that Food choices are an important part of diabetes management.
But what exactly is the right food to choose?

On a flip chart, Lis made two sections and on one section on the left she showed the Food that are High in Sugar and Carbohydrate, which are not good for us and on the right she showed Foods that either do not have any sugars and Carbohydrate or they are very low in Carbohydrate and theses are the ones that we should eat as they will not raise our Blood Sugar too much.
Look at the pic below, it will remind us all what we learnt

Food for Thought gave us information about food and diabetes
Liz helped us to make the right food decisions and manage our diabetes more effectively.

We are so grateful to Liz for a wonderful presentation and we hope to see Liz again next year as she has so much more to teach us.

Thank you Liz from all members of the Wellingborough Diabetes UK Group.

Here are some pictures taken during the meeting.

Speaker Clare Morris

"A new study suggested that a third of adults in England now have prediabetes. This talk will give you an understanding of what prediabetes is, risk factors relating to pre diabetes and how to delay progression to diabetes. If you have diabetes already, your family are at higher risk of developing diabetes, this talk will give you information about the activities in the county that you can join to promote increased physical activity and will give you information about the course that they run for people at high risk of developing diabetes and how they can attend the course".

Clare is the lead on Pre Diabetes, a course that she runs for people at risk of developing diabetes. As you may be aware people who have a family history of diabetes have a higher risk of developing it themselves. Clare will explain you about the course so that you can tell your family members.

Mariam and Zain campaigning outside Swansgate Shopping Centre, Wellingborough.

August Meeting

Unfortunately we didn't have our meeting at the Victoria Centre. The Care-Taker was not able to open the center at 3:00 pm. We therefore had to request the Isebrook Hospital to accommodate us for our future meeting to which they kindly agreed.

On the 16th of August at 3:00 pm we have our next meeting at the Victoria Centre, 46-50 Palk Road, Wellingborough, NN8 1HR and our Guest Speaker is Catherine Wilde, who has a Bsc Nursing from Edinburgh University, a Diploma in Chronic Disease Management incorporating Certificate in Diabetes Care from Warwick University and Trained on Insulin Management.
Presently Catherine is a Diabetic Nurse Specialist at the Redwell Medical Centre, Wellingborough. Catherine will talk about:

  • Different Types of Insulins
  • Mode of action of each Type of Insulin
  • Duration of each type
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of each type of Insulin

This will be an Interactive Session where she will look into other medications as well that we are taking We are sure we all will enjoy the Session with Catherine as we will learn more about our Diabetes and how best to control it and live a Normal Life.

Please also spread the word to those you know, who are suffering from Diabetes to come and attend our Meeting. There will be something for everyone.

Agenda Of Our First Meeting On The 19th Of July 2014

Here are some pictures taken during and after the meeting.

Just before the start of the meeting

Lynsey Burgess explaining How The Insulin Works

Lynsey explaining the Duration of different types of Insulins

Question and Answer Session

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ChairPerson : Mariam Agha MSc. MBPsS           Treasurer : Sunil Panchal           Secretary: Zain Agha PhD