Forex Trading System
In November 2014 I shared my Most Profitable Forex Trading System, the ZEE MONEY MAKER Forex Trading System that everyone loved. Even in our Trading Room the ZEE INNER CIRCLE, its being used by Solomon to call out his Signals and he provides 40 to 100 pips a day.

After a few months I have been thinking of creating an even Simpler System and at the same time it should be very profitable. It took me almost 10 months to Research and Develop a new and a very Simple system hence I have named it as ZEE SIMPLE

In the ZEE SIMPLE System I have used the Renco Like Charts.
but not exactly the Renco Bars. This is the Beauty of the System. (For obvious reasons Charts are not shown here).
It helps us to:

  • Avoid pre-mature Exits, thus gaining more profits.
  • Precise Entry Signals.
  • Precise Exit Signals.
  • If the Market goes against us, it helps to Exit before the Stop Loss is hit thus minimizing our loss.

Other Features:

  • We use 4 Indicators
  • There are 15 Charts and
  • 8 Screen-Shots showing you how to set up the charts with the Indicators.
  • A Template is provided that you can set on your charts to get the Signals.
  • Can be traded on Multiple Time Frames, 15Min; 1Hr; 4Hr and Daily.
  • You can also trade Commodities
  • Metals such as Gold and Silver.
  • Indices such as S&P500, Dow Jones Index. (WS30) and other Stocks.
  • Life time Free Support is provided through emails and Skype chat service.

Lots of our members have asked me to show at least one Example chart of Entry and Exit. So here is one without the Indicators. This is the GBP/NZD chart of last Friday. You will notice that there were at least 3 Fake Exit Signals and the ZEE SIMPLE System saved us from exiting pre-maturely. Thus giving us a profit of nearly 300 pips.

Here are the Trades taken on the 2nd of February 2016

Look at the Trades made on the 29th of February 2016

761 pips in just One day!

Look at the Trades made on the 1st of March 2016

804 pips in just One day!

Add the ZEE SIMPLE System to your Forex Trading Arsenal today. Study it over the weekend and start Making Money from Monday.

Please allow at least 12 Hours to receive your copy of the Strategy. Thanks.