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Z-WINNER is designed to trade All Sessions
Be it the London Session, the American Session or the Asian Session,
Z-WINNER can trade All Sessions.

Forex Trading

Buying the Z-WINNER System will change your life entirely for the better.

Z-WINNER is entirely different to my other systems.
There is no way that you can lose money if you just follow the rules.
The rules are simple and easy to follow.

The Z-WINNER System is thoroughly explained with the help of the Charts.
It can be traded on all types of Trading Platforms but you get the Arrows only on the Meta Trader Platform.

Z-WINNER trades all currency pairs.

I will send you the MT4 Template that you can install on your charts and it will give you Buy and Sell Arrows.

The System is completely Mechanical.
You don't have to do anything. Just follow the Rules and make vast sums of Money everyday. At times we have to use our discretion. The Entries are fully Mechanical but the Exits are Mechanical when the Market is Trending and discretionary when the Market is Ranging. It is fully explained how and when to Exit with profits.

How many systems do you have altogether?
You will not need any now.
You will be purchasing a Goldmine.

Soon you will be sending me your Testimonial. Z-WINNER is that POWERFUL !

The following charts show you the trades I took without any break in between.
I am not only showing you the profitable trades I took, but also the losing ones.
Now you can compare both the Winning and the Losing Trades yourself
and decide if this system is for you or not.

I took this trade at 7:45 Eastern Time and exited at 15:15 ET
The System is completely Mechanical. No Discretion used.

Forex Trading London

I took this trade at 9:30 Eastern Time and exited at 14:00 ET
Made $520.00. Not bad for a few hours work.

Day Trading

I took this trade at 9:00 Eastern Time and exited at 15:30 ET
A great day. Got nearly $1000.00 in a day.

Forex Trading Strategies

I took this trade at 10:00 Eastern Time and exited at the close of the New York Session at 17:00 ET
Lost $80.00 in the first trade and then made $430.00 in the second one.

This trade was taken at 07:45 ET and exited at 17:00 ET
A very bad day but still made some profit.

(Generated 227 pips this week. Net Profit = $2090.00)

This trade was taken at 07:45 ET and exited at 16:15 ET
A very good start for the week. Made $1570.00 on the first day of the week.

This trade was taken at 07:30 ET and exited at 14:30 ET
Nice day again. Made $800.00 today.

This trade was taken at 10:45 ET and exited at 17:15 ET
Another good day. Made $750.00

This trade was taken at 08:45 ET and exited at 15:30 ET
The week is going very nicely. Another $760.00 today.

This trade was taken at 7:15 ET and exited 5 minutes before the close of the week at 15:55 ET
An Excellent Day and an Excellent Week. Made $1080.00 today.

(Generated 506 pips this week. Net Profit = $4960.00)

As its evident from the charts above, I have been making money
almost everyday without a break.
Now I do not need to wake up early in the mornings here in UK
I can start my trading day in the afternoon
I can have late nights out and enjoy my evenings.

Whereas traders in the USA can also have peaceful nights sleep
You need to wake up at 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning to start your Trading Day instead of keeping awake all night.

You can trade the Z-WINNER on any trading platform.

I have also developed a Template for the MT4 Trading Platform.
This Template will give you Buy and Sell Arrows
Blue Up Arrows indicating Buy Signals and
Red Down Arrows indicating Sell Signals.
Makes Trading a Child's Play!

Here is a Screen Shot of the Template that you will also receive.
You can install it on your MT4 Trade Station Platform
and just follow the Signals during the American Session.

Best Forex Trading Strategies

The Template will make your life much easier. All you need to do is to follow the indicators and make money.
As Simple as that. What else do you want.

What Else Will You Get?
You will get Life Time Support through emails and 2 to 4 hours of one to one Mentoring and live Trading through MSN chat service.
I will show you each and every aspect of the Z-WINNER System and how best you can use the Z-WINNER and make money "Every Day".

UPDATE 1st September 2010 .... Z-WINNER TEMPLATE Version 10
The Best Template ever you can get your hands on
Makes you trading a Childs Play
Gives you accurate Entries
Helps you make money everyday

UPDATE 1st March 2011 .... Z-WINNER TEMPLATE Version 13
I have now made the ZWinner System even simpler.
I have made some changes to the Zwinner Version 10 and made it even better and much easier to trade with.
The exit signal is the easiest now. It is a Mechanical Exit Strategy, no need to use your descretion any more.
The entries are also Mechanical with filters that give us more than 90% correct entries and hence more than 90% winning trades. You will be delighted with the performance.

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