Dear Dr. Zain Agha.
I am pleased to inform that in the 6 trading days (from 25th Jan to 1st Feb 2013) that I have been trading using the Z-20 Advanced Breakout System I have made a profit of about 318 pips on a live account. To the best of my knowledge I have taken these trades as per the system. I have taken a total of 25 trades out of which I won 24 and cut loss in only 1.
I have been trading in the financial markets for more than 15 years. Majority of those years I have traded stocks and I am quite familiar with trading systems and techniques, etc. About 1 year back I started trading Forex. Started by trading Gold in the beginning and then moving on to Currencies.
I was receiving Dr. Agha's promotional emails for a long time but did not pay much attention to it earlier. Later on I noticed that Dr. Agha was quite consistent and provided very good support mainly through the Trading Room. I also saw some of his videos posted on Youtube demonstrating trades as per the Z-20 Advanced Breakout System.
I bought the system on 24th Jan, did very little back-testing and jumped straight into it on a live account. I started trading as per the system on 25th Jan and made 80 pips with 4 wins out of 4. The next day I made 30 pips with 4 wins and one loss. Continuing in that manner till now I have made a profit of 318 pips with 24 wins and 1 cut loss in 6 trading days. I would have actually made more than that if I would have been able to control my FEAR of losing the accumulated profits and had not manually closed some of the trades.
What I like about the system is that it is a set and forget system which is very easy to follow and Dr. Agha provides very good support. The Trading Room is a great place to learn and also to ensure that you are doing everything correctly and as per the system. And, of course, what I like most about the system is the results and the money in the bank.
I hope this continues as it has been for the last few days and thanks a lot to Dr. Agha for this amazing system.
Best regards,
–BURHANI 2-1-2013

January 30, 2013
Dr. Zain Agha,
Having just finished your Forex Mentoring Program, I am writing to express my gratitude, appreciation, excitement and commendation for the program.
I traded commodities on the CME years ago but have been inactive for some time. One year ago I started searching for a forex trading strategy. I tried out, tested and got ripped off for at least 50 so-called systems. Last fall I found your Z-20 Advanced Breakout system. To my utter amazement and delight it worked!! You were also the first and only strategy author that responded to support. This initial system support convinced me to subscribe to the Forex Mentoring Program.
The mentoring class exceeded anything that I had even imagined it might be. I am one to actually read documentation that comes with a program. Despite having set up the Z-20 Advanced Breakout system correctly, with your assistance, I always had uneasiness that I was doing it correctly. But, hearing your commentary as each indicator was installed before our eyes relieved any anxiety I still had. And then, to hear your expanded discretionary commentary, made the systems expand their depth of capability before our eyes. The visible system is only a part of the tool. Your mentoring of the system multiplies their capability and value immeasurably. Each day as each system was built and explained I grew to gain a deeper understanding of that system having learned the prior ones.
One of the prospects that you defined for your program was ‘someone looking to change careers’. My last career required 4 years of college. Two weeks and the tuition is an insignificant investment for a new career. Although the initial course is finished, the continuing education and support you offer ‘for free and forever’ is beyond my expectations. I can now wholeheartedly believe you when you said ‘This is the last system you will ever need to purchase’.
Thanks for designing the systems. Thanks for offering them for our use. Thanks to you and for the mentoring program. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Dr Zain
Since finishing your, course i have made 90 pips in 2 days, using your Z-20 Advanced Breakout System, trading the London session, WOW.
Your system, and mentoring has given me the ability to see when to enter , when to take profit and when to exit. Looking forward to many more pip filled sessions. This is an excellent system– THANKYOU.
Regards Martin
MARTIN, USA 1-30-2013

Dr. Zain,
I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Zain's forex Mentoring Program. I learned so much even though I have traded the forex for about 5 years. I had to get up at 2:30 in the morning to take advantage of the program, but it was well worth losing the sleep for. Dr. Zain taught us so many systems and how to use and apply them.
Dr. Zain gave us so much information that will help us to be successful traders. Just one of the systems would help us tremendously, but he provided many. I expect to be a full time trader in less than 6 months and quit my full time job and only trade. By the way, it is possible with Dr. Zain's systems to only trade 2-3 hrs a day and have the rest of the day to do as you please.
Dr. Zain's program is way under priced.
I'm glad it is because that is the only way I could have taken the course.
Any one with a desire to learn forex trading or if one only desires to be able to quit his regular job, then this is the real deal.
One other thing. Dr. Zain is a great teacher. He goes slow, never rushes, is patient and is a genius when it comes to trading forex.
One could not ask for a better mentor.
He also gives other bonuses besides the trading systems.
Now that the actual course is over, he is going to teach us some more in a trading room next week and after that will still be available to answer any questions and offer any help through emails and skype.
I would recommend Dr. Zain and his mentoring program to any and every one.
Douglas, USA

Nadia, Montreal, Canada

– 2012-12-29

Dear Sir, I began trading this year, I tried all kinds of indicators and multiple robots and paid for many cours. I lost money every week and I thought of leaving the forex by chance, on a site we talked about forex Dr. Zain and its systems, I decided to contact him, something I never regette and I started trading with the system the Z20 Advance Breakout I didn't not lost a single trade. even with a small capital anyo not ask for a better mentor.
He also gives other bonuses besides the trading systems.
Now that the actual course is over, he is going to teach us some more in a trading room next week and after that will still be available to answer any questions and offer any help through emails and skype.
I would recommend Dr. Zain and his mentoring program to any and every one.
Douglas, USA

John Roney, Virginia, USA

– 2013-1-04

Too bad there is not a rating higher than 5 stars for this one... =) Our first night of trading with this system was today (Jan 4, 2013). We placed trades last night at 12am EST before going to bed. We had been watching and backtesting setups for the past week or so after ordering this course/training/system. We were looking at 6 charts total: EURUSD, EURJPY, EURCAD, CHFJPY, GBPUSD, GBPJYP. These pairs we had noticed having good setups on over the last couple of months when backtesting. Placed pending orders before bed on these 6 pairs. Here are the results of our first day using 20 pip TP and 30 pip SL: EURUSD +3 Pips - Manual Close EURJPY +20 Pips EURCAD No trade according to breakout setup rules CADJPY +20 Pips GBPUSD +20 Pips GBPJPY +20 Pips Total gain was $90.80 on the account with 5 winners and 0 losses and 1 no-trade. Have no complaints! Only very grateful for this brilliantly simple system. Thank you so kindly, Dr Agha, for developing a great system and coming up with this very solid idea. =) We are so thankful to have this as our trading plan for the new year. God bless!

ZWinner Testimonial – Maria Ribero, Argentina

ZWinner Testimonial

Dmitrij, UK

Hello Dr. Zain. I'm a new trader and I have only few month experience on Forex. My first demo results were very surprised me that is so easy to make money on Forex. So I've took a decision to try on a live account and ............ I found that there is a big difference how I feel myself to trade on a live account. I couldn't watch how my money goes to minus. I've stoped my order and placed a reversed order and .......... again to minus. I couldn't sleep well after that. Was very nervous and stressed every day. I didn't know that there are a lot of rules how to trade successfully. I've tried a lot of different indicators, schemes, oscilators, watched forex webinars even tried robots. But my account has became lower and lower. I can't remember how I've found your advertising Z20 advanced system but It looked very interesting and simple for me. After purchase I've tied it on a demo account and was very suprised that it's WORKING !!! Yes You right ... success it's a correct rules, correct time, discipline, emotion free and no wishes to move prices as you wish. Now I've made a lot of successfull trading orders. Also I've found that I started to look on my losses much easier. Most of them I've lost because of my discipline. But I'm still learning. I wish to Thank You for the new rules and knowledges how to trade successfully. With Regards Dmitrij, UK

Nicholas Porter, USA

I just purchased the Z-20 Breakout system and have been using it for a week and not only does it work and simple to use but Dr Zain is there for you every step of the way. In an industry that is fool of shams this brilliant man shines through ! The forex world is very lucky to have such a man who is willing to share his knowledge with us. Nicholas Porter, USA

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Lyle, USA

The Z-20 is a producer. Now that is very refreshing, considering all the wanna-be Forex Products flooding the market. Not a Robot, but the Z-20 is a powerful system that is traded daily on multiple pairs. Adding and stacking Pips daily seems to be the rule. Your support is also unquestionably top notch and very timely. Lyle, USA