ZWinner Forex Mentoring

If you’ve been searching for a course of study to learn how to confidently trade the Forex Markets and want the support of hands-on mentoring by a seasoned trader who has over 20,000 hours of trading experience, consider enrolling in my upcoming Forex Mentoring Program on June the 3rd, 2013.

The course will be offered daily at 2 different times to accomodate the needs for both European and USA Mentorship Students:

  • 09:00 GMT to 11:00 GMT for European Students

  • 09:00 to 11:00 ET for USA Students
  • Forex Mentoring Program Overview

    As a general overview, the Forex Mentoring Program comprises two core competency areas:

    1. Mastery of the ZWinner Forex Trading Systems and Developing Price Action Discretion. During the 2-week Forex Mentoring Program, you will be exposed to five trading systems that will be used at varied times and currency pairs. In combination with learning how the systems work to provide insight for executing a sound trade with high probability of success, there is a second and more important aspect. By learning why the systems are predicting a currency move in a particular direction, you will learn the most critical educational aspect of forex trading: familiarity with Forex Price Action. The importance of this cannot be understated, and you will learn during the live trading sessions critical discretionary components of forex price action that will increase the probability of successful trades and decrease your risk profile.

    2. Markets to Trade. We will cover in-depth the major Forex currency trading pairs and which trading systems to use, as well as systems for the major stock indices, and crude/natural gas markets.

    The combination of live practice sessions with the trading systems, observing price action concepts at work in real time, as well as the markets to use them in will expose you to numerous trading options for you to explore and test. During this process you will find which systems and markets that appeal to your developing forex trading style. And as time goes along, remember that I am regularly available to my mentorship students via chat or email to help you further your grasp on the trading systems and developing your chart reading/price action discretion skills.

    Dr. Zain,
    I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Zain's forex Mentoring Program. I learned so much even though I have traded the forex for about 5 years. I had to get up at 2:30 in the morning to take advantage of the program, but it was well worth losing the sleep for. Dr. Zain taught us so many systems and how to use and apply them.
    Dr. Zain gave us so much information that will help us to be successful traders. Just one of the systems would help us tremendously, but he provided many. I expect to be a full time trader in less than 6 months and quit my full time job and only trade. By the way, it is possible with Dr. Zain's systems to only trade 2-3 hrs a day and have the rest of the day to do as you please.
    Dr. Zain's program is way under priced.
    I'm glad it is because that is the only way I could have taken the course.
    Any one with a desire to learn forex trading or if one only desires to be able to quit his regular job, then this is the real deal.
    One other thing. Dr. Zain is a great teacher. He goes slow, never rushes, is patient and is a genius when it comes to trading forex.
    One could not ask for a better mentor.
    He also gives other bonuses besides the trading systems.
    Now that the actual course is over, he is going to teach us some morein a trading room next week and after that will still be available toanswer any questions and offer any help through emails and skype.
    I would recommend Dr. Zain and his mentoring program to any and every one.
    Douglas, USA

    The syllabus for the Forex Mentoring Program breaks down as follows:

    Mentoring Program Week One:

    Day 1 – Mentoring Program Introduction

    We start off with an Introduction of the Mentoring Program. We cover the course contents, what it will do for you, how it will suit you, how will you benefit, the markets you will learn to Trade, and how both I and all attendees can help each other refine your trading skills after the completion of the course. We will cover the Basics of Forex Trading and I will teach you about the 4 market stages that the Forex Market goes through. It is extremely important to know these 4 market stages for your success. We teach you how to identify these stages, and how to trade them skillfully. We teach you how to identify the current market trends. We discuss about the Support and Resistance levels and their importance. We'll conclude with Forex Chart Patterns, where you will learn to read Candlesticks Charts and Swing Points, and then identify trend reversals.

    Day 2 - Chart Set-Up, First Day of Live Forex Systems Trading

    On Day Two we will introduce you to live trading with a very simple yet powerful Forex Scalping System, the Z-5 Forex Scalping System. This system can be traded in different time frames and it will be explained thoroughly. We will build your Chart from scratch and explain the function of each Indicator and how the combination of these Indicators give you the Buy, Sell and Exit Signals. We will start off trading minilots on 5 Min time frame and target small profits. We will take live trades right in front of you and demonstate how easy it is to Trade. With the Z-5 Scalper you can make up to 100 pips a day taking just a few trades a day. We will explain the Trading System too so that you may trade any time of the day between 07:00 GMT till 22:00 GMT and then from 00:00 GMT till 02:00 GMT. The system can be traded in All US Time Zones from as early as you care to wake up, and throughout the day.

    Day 3

    On Day 3 we will start teaching you the ZWINNER-13 Forex Trading System. Since the day the ZWINNER System was launched it became very popular with Traders and they found it a very easy and a consistent Forex Trading System. The ZWINNER System was developed in 2009 and still remains a timeless and effective system. Here we discuss and show you the importance of the Daily Average Range. We will install the Template and set up your Trading Platform accordingly. We will explain each Indicator, what is their function and how do they work for us. We will also take a live trade right in front of you if we get the opportunity. The ZWINNER System is traded on the 15Min and the 1Hr Charts.

    Day 4 – The ZWinner 21 Forex Trading System

    On Day 4 we show you the latest Version of the ZWINNER-21 Forex Trading System. ZWINNER-21 is a Multi-Performance System. It trades the Trending Markets as well as the Ranging Markets and you can also use it for scalping on the 5Min Charts and Long Term Position Trading on the 4Hr and the Daily Charts. The Intra-Day trading is done on the 1Hr Charts, where we exit at the exit signals with 30 to 80 pips profit depending on the market conditions. On the 15Min Charts we take only 10 pips profit each Entry Signal and we get 4 to 8 entry Signals on each Pair. We trade the EUR/USD and EUR/JPY Pairs. You can trade other pairs two if you wish. ZWINNER-21 is the most versatile trading system, and is a favorite amongst my students.

    Day 5

    On Day 5 you will be introduced to a system that every Trader is Mad about. It is the worlds easiest system ever, the Z-20 ADVANCED BREAKOUT System. We trade 4 different pairs and target 20 pips on each pair. Some of our members who have an extra monitor, trade upto 8 pairs as its easy to place 4 pairs, side by side on each monitor. This is a Set & Forget System. At about 08:00 GMT we place our Pending Orders with 20 Pips TP and 20 pips SL on each pair and go to bed again, if we are living in the USA or Canada and around. Those of us who are in Europe and Australia can Monitor our Trades and add the PULLBACK System to extract about 200 pips a day. The good thing about the Z-20 ADVANCED BREAKOUT SYSTEM is that we can plan how many pips we want each day, trade for about 2 to 3 hours, take our profits and enjoy the rest of the day doing what we like and have fun. One can plan one's Income Source, work a maximum 3 hours and enjoy life with friends and family.

    Mentoring Program Week Two:

    Day 6

    On the Day 6 we will explain and provide you with a Template to trade the UK100 (Footsie 100 Index) and later we will discuss about previous weeks progress you have made and answer your questions if you have any.

    Day 7

    On Day 7 we will show you and provide you with a Template to trade the US Crude Oil (a great money spinner) and Dow Jones Index. We will also discuss about Money Management and Planning your trades in advance. We will show you how to read the Economic Data release forcast figures and what to expect the Market to do. Also how you can take advantage of the News Data Released.

    Day 8

    On Day 8 we will show you and provide you with a Template to trade the Natural Gas and discuss about trading Long Term (Position Trading) and the systems you can use for Long Term Trading.

    Day 9

    On day 9 we will show you how to trade the Z-20 Pullback System together with the Z-20 ADVANCED BREAKOUT SYSTEM and how you can make much greater profits. We may also devote some time to questions and answers.

    Day 10

    On this last day we will review the ZWinner Mentoring Program and proceed to more live trading practice. We will show you how to trade on the 4Hr and 5Min combination. At the end of the session we will be offering our Graduates opportunities to join us as our Business Partners, Running the Trading Rooms, Managing our Clients accounts, and some other possibilities. Before we close we will be providing our Graduates with the following Bonus: 1) Candlebook 2) FiboToolBasics 3) Mindset 4) Pocket Book Of Economic Indicators 5) Day Trading Mind 6) The Top-Ten Mistakes FOREX Traders Make 7) The Principles of Successful Trading

    Frequently Asked Questions

    After the program, the majority of my students are averaging between 150-300 pips of profit per week on a consistent basis, with lot sizes ranging from 0.1-0.5 initially. As you gain experience and begin feeling comfortable with increasing your lot size to 1.0 or in some favorable instances higher, then your profits become more exponential. Additionally, the more you practice you put in with actually trading the systems and become more familiar with high-probability set-ups, then really the amount of pips you wish to make is simply a matter of how long you wish to work on an average day/week. Note also, my guidance doesn’t stop after the 10-day program – I’m regularly available to review your trades and continue honing your trading skills.

    Absolutely. During our live sessions we will have instances where we set up a long or short position on a higher timeframe chart (e.g., 4-hour chart) based on the ZWinner-21 System, and use the Z-5 Scalper System on the 5-minute chart to scalp short-term retracements.

    While I have been mentoring students who have purchased my individual trading systems over the last decade, I developed and began a formal mentoring program beginning in May of 2012. Along with my many past students who have gone on to become self-sufficient traders, several of my students from the May Forex Mentoring Program have sent in their Testimonials.

    The ZWinner-21 and Z-5 Scalper systems can be traded any time that any Forex market is open. However, the best opportunities exist a few hours before and during the London Session (opens 0800 GMT) and NY Session (opens 0800 ET).

    -0800 ET (US) ZWinner-21 and Z-5 Scalper can be traded for the entire NY Session until 5pm ET, and take up to 150 pips profit.

    -04:00 GMT (8pm ET) you can trade the Early Breakout System on 4 Currency Pairs and take up to 80 pips profit.

    -08:00 GMT (12AM ET) you can trade the Z-20 ADVANCED Breakout System on the London open and take up to 80 pips profit.

    -08:00 GMT you can trade the Z-20 PULLBACK System and take up to 200 pips profit.

    -08:00 GMT you can start trading the ZWINNER Systems until 22:00 GMT and take up to 150 pips profit.

    -08:00 GMT you can start trading the Z-5 Scalper until 17:00 GMT and take up to 100 pips profit.

    -09:00 GMT You can trade the UK100 (Footsie 100 Index) and take 10 pips profit.

    -12:00 GMT you will trade the Natural Gas and take 10 pips profit.

    -14:00 GMT You will trade the US Crude Oil and take 20 pips profit.

    There is still an ongoing Christmas Offer of 50% off the February program – £997 ($1575 US) if you sign up before January 31, 2013. The fee is going up to its normal price of £1997 ($3150 US) afterwards.

    To join the mentoring program, please first contact me so we can talk about your needs and expectations , any questions you have, and payment details should you choose to join one of the forex mentoring programs. In essence, you eventually will need to deposit £1997.00 to my bank account in UK then I will give you a date to login to the trading room I host for the Mentoring Program (PayPal is unavailable due to the volume of money being exchanged overseas – if you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact me). For learning forex, I will be your forex mentor and I will help you.

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    Alex, USA

    Hi Dr. I have been trading forex for more than 5 years and using many systems. The Z-20 Advance system is the most consistent and easy to trade if you follow the rules. I have been trading the original Z-20 system since May, 2011 when it was released. The result was good, but not enough to be consistent. When the new and improved Z-20 Advance system came out, I was skeptical and did not get it immediately. After two months, I saw the Dr. Zain Agha's performance result posted in the website and it was good and consistent, I purchased the system and started trading it. For the past 7 trading days, I made $1999.46 after commission. Only one day I was in the minus which I got a double lost in EURUSD because I did not follow the rules. I set the stop price smaller than 40 pips and then reversed the position at the stop out, resulting for a minus 80 pips, but the other 3 pairs made 20 pips each and 60 pips total, so for that day, I was minus 20 pips. In trading, I found that I learned the most in the losing trades. Regards, Alex, USA

    After our Forex Mentoring Program you will not need any other system ever – this will be your last investment ever on learning Forex Trading Systems and Strategies. View Our Forex Trading Systems In Action!

    You will likely have questions, concerns, maybe even some skepticism about whether my Forex Trading Systems and Mentoring Program actually perform as claimed. If so, please feel free to contact me via email, or on Skype (dr.zain.agha) - I'm more than happy to discuss the program and systems, and mitigate your concerns.