About Dr. Agha

For background, I have a Doctorate in Chemistry and also in Alternative Medicine specializing in HypnoTherapy. By trade, I’ve a been a Research Scientist and later as a Consultant HypnoTherapist in a Psychiatric Hospital treating psychosomatic patients.

In the Beginning…

My interest in trading the markets began in 1994 when a close friend introduced me to Commodities Trading. By 1996 I was trading in the commodities market regularly, but was not doing especially well. But like all traders who try to gradually ascend the learning curve, I was unable to trade consistently (sound familiar!?).

In 2000 I started taking interest in Forex and was fascinated by its trending nature. Commodities do not trend as much as the currency markets. In commodity trading once you are in a trade you need to wait for days, and sometimes weeks before you could gain even 20 or 30 pips, whereas in Forex Trading gains up to 100 pips a day and sometimes even 300 pips a day can be realized on some currency pairs. I became rather hooked on Forex and bought many Forex Trading systems and attended a few seminars but nothing was providing me with the insights needed to consistently trade the nature of “Price Action” within the currency markets. I got disappointed and was about to say goodbye to Forex Trading as I had lost a lot of money.

Trading Systems Begin Development

In 2002 my son, a Computer Engineer and Systems Analyst, came to me and said, “Dad you are a Research Scientist – why don’t you use your own brain, do what you do so well – RESEARCH – and work on developing your own systems?” It hit me, and it hit me hard. It hit me so hard that I started to think deeply as to what should be my next step. I said to myself, “Yes he is right. I should Research and develop my own Trading Methods and Systems”.

I developed my first Forex Trading System called the “Forex Trading Secret Strategy”. This system was traded on the 15 min time frame and I started making money regularly almost everyday. I carried on trading with this system and some of my friends including my son asked me why don’t I share this system with others. In 2004 my son opened an account with eBay.co.uk and started selling the “Forex Trading Secret Strategy”. Before long, I had tens of traders using my system successfully. I was regularly emailing and chatting with them, helping them not only use my system but learn the nature of currency market trends. In essence, this was the beginning of my forex mentoring career.

As the number of my followers started increasing, I noticed that most of them had no idea what forex is and how it really works. They were following the system mechanically without understanding the basics of forex market trading. For them I developed “The Basic Forex Trading Course ….The Starting Point” so that they would grasp the basics of forex trading and how to implement the systems correctly.

Later I developed the ZTL Forex Trading Method which became a “Number One Hit” on Ebay. It was the highest selling Forex Trading System on Ebay for many years and this system is still popular with those who are just starting trading.

As the number of my students grew I started getting requests to develop a System that will catch all the Trends, up as well as down,So my next system was the “ZRC System …. The Big Move Catcher” which guarantees that no matter what, you will always catch the BIG MOVE Up or Down if you follow the system.

Now the number of my students were growing rapidly and some of them were getting stopped out and I was getting complaints. On further analysis I found out that it was the Economic Data that was getting them stopped out if the News came out against them. So I had to develop a News Trading System to fulfill two requirements.

1. To let them know the importance of news and its effects and close their trades immediately if the news came out against them

2. To Trade in the Direction of the data release., meaning if a news came out in favour of a Currency hence the market would go up, so they should go Long and Vice versa.

For this I had to develop the “News FX Strategy …. Great profits Every News”. Those who purchased the News FX Strategy started becoming very successful in their trading and I started getting a reputation of being a respectable forex trading systems developer.As time passed by I was getting more and more involved in providing support and it was becoming difficult for me to perform my own trading so started thinking in terms of developing a system based on the 4HR Time frame that would allow me more time to devote to providing support and at the same time continue with my research work and also allow me let time to monitor my trades.So During 2007 I developed the “Z-100 System …. The Millionaire Maker”. I continued trading the Z-100 System and to my amazement I started minting money, at least 100 pips everyday and some days up to 300 pips – trading full lots in those days. I was making over $1000.00 everyday. During the year 2007 and 2008 I made great sums of money and one day a sudden thought came to me “Why not share my wealth with those who are need?” So I began to take interest in charity work and as I was involved in charity work another thought came to my mind “Why not share the Z-100 System with my students so that they too may benefit. (Originally I had no intentions of sharing this system with anyone. Why sell the Goose that laid Golden Eggs?)

In January 2008 I released the Z-100 Trading System and kept the price much higher for 2 reasons. First, it was a great system that makes money everyday, secondly not to make it so common that every Tom, Dick, Harry and Michael would buy it and make it lose its efficacy. I wanted only a select few of our Members buy it and not make it too common. I never advertised it on ebay or Google or anywhere else. Two of my students became Millionaires within 2 years, one used to live in Orlando and then he moved to New York and the other one used to live in Morocco and he too just recently moved to Paris where he is in Property Development Business. I interviewed the Guy from Morocco, you can his Interview on this website.

The Currency pair that I was trading in those days was the GBP/JPY and its average Daily Range was 300 pips a day. As time passed the Average Daily Range started falling and the current ADR is 180. Therefore I am in the process of Revising the Z-100 System to the present market conditions and hopefully in February or March this year it will be ready.

As I keep developing other systems, I do not get time to continue trading the previous ones as I am forward testing and trading the new systems.

Amongst other Systems that I developed is the “Z-SWINGER Forex Trading System based on Swing Trading”, It is extremely rare to get stopped out trading the Z-SWINGER System.
I kept getting many requests to develop Scalping System so I developed “The Best Forex Scalping System” based on 1Hr Time Frame. Most recently I developed the Z-5 Scalper based on the 5 Min Time Frame. One more System I developed which is a set and forfet system called the “Z-50 System …. The Daily Bread Winner”.

My most recent systems are the Z-20 ADVANCED BREAKOUT System and the Z-20 PULLBACK System. “The Z-20 ADVANCED BREAKOUT System” is a Set and Forget System. We trade 4 Currency Pairs as its easy to place 4 Charts on the same screen and we look for 20 pips profit on each Pair. So our daily Target is 80 pips. Z-20 PULLBACK System is a complimentary System to the Z-20 ADVANCED BREAKOUT System to Pull in on an average about 200 pips a day.

The Mentoring Program Begins!

My most recent endeavor is the Forex Mentoring Program. Back in May 2012, I started the Mentoring Program as an experiment on a one-to-one basis. It was very successful and I received many testimonials from happy customers. Now I feel there is much more I can give, that’s why I have spread the Mentoring Program over 10 days and I will be giving away Seven Different Trading Systems and also sharing the Templates to trade the US Crude Oil ( a great money spinner), Natural Gas, the UK 100 (Footsie) the Dow Jones Index, etc.

I wish you all the best on your search for a course of education to help you succeed in the forex markets. Should you have any questions at all, I’d be happy to accomodate you. Feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Zain Agha.