Hello Dr. Agha,

I have the following:

1) ZWINNER-21 System
2) ZWINNER-22 System
3) Z-5 Forex Scalping System
4) Z-20 ADV Breakout System

I love Z-20 ADV Breakout System. I will repeat that. I love the Z-20 ADV Breakout System. It is so simple it works 99% of the time. You line up the indicators and place an order.

I prefer ZWINNER-21 to ZWINNER-22. I don't like to have to use two separate pages, all the indicators are on one page. I think this works very well when the market is moving. I have trouble with this and Z-5 Forex Scalping System when the market is flat. All the indicators will line up and by the time they do the trade is over. I have no idea when the market will go flat. Then I get stuck in a trade. If you're trading something with GBP the spread can be $4 to $8. You're lucky to get out breaking even. I wish there was some way to tell how much volume is trading. I'm sure there is. I just don't know how to. Maybe that would help me target which trades to take. The indicators work very well when there is movement in the market. I use them now for bounce backs and openings of various markets. That's when I know there is enough movement. The ZWinner-21 dings like crazy. I would like to know how to adjust the alarms. I just started trading Z-5, but I like it so far.

I'm really happy I bought the systems. I love the colors of the charts. The sizing is perfect for me. I think the whole thing is pretty simple. What I think is best about the systems is your training sessions. It's obvious you're an educator. You do really well helping people to learn to trade. I really appreciate the time you have given to me. It has made all the difference. I couldn't stay the whole time, but it was so helpful. I own a business; and I was not getting any sleep trading in the middle of the night; just the week made a major difference in my trading ability.

Thank you,

Angela Sinclair, USA

I am a complete novice to Forex trading and whilst searching the net for information I came across Dr Zain Agha systems. I bought the Z-20 advanced system which worked very well for me (even though I had to get up at 6.00am). But as time progressed and the system developed I tried the Z-20 Robot. This did cut out all hassle in setting up the trades manually.

After seeing how well these systems worked I purchased the ZWinner News which was a complete success.

I currently use Alpari as my broker with only £500.00. I only choose to trade the EurUsd pair but even only using 1 pair I manage to make quite a few pips each week. The best system I find for a Novice like myself is the Zwinner news as it places the trades exactly when needed. I rate the manual Z-20 Adavanced breakout system over the robot as the price of the subscription is too much for a small account holder like myself.

As always Dr Zain Agha was available to ask any questions about his system and as a novice I was very grateful for his expert advice and time spent in answering my questions. I feel that Dr Agha's are very easy to use and that everyone should have at least one of his systems in their portfolios for Forex trading. I am currently just about to buy and try out another 2 of his systems.
Overall all of the systems are very well priced and you will soon make your money back within the first month of trading. Many thanks again

Mr Rob Belbin, UK


I would say the best is ZWINNER-21 System. I have no idea what is the worst.

Ron, USA

I think the best system is "Z-20 AMERICAN Breakout System" The american sesion is one of most reliable and predictible. I got good results of this kind of work.

William Miranda

Hi, Dr. Agha

I'm seriously indebted to you and just want to thank you for persevering with me, offering to help me, and encouraging me to get going with your ZWinner Robot trading. At this moment, I have not opened-up a live trading account with Tallinex (just a demo), but plan to do a live account opening with them on Monday. I have also watched your video of your set-up of the ZWinner Robot that you recorded in, I think, January 2014 and it has been a real eye-opener for me. Very powerful Robot for seven different currency pairs!

I will be in touch with you and let you know the Tallinex Account Numbers early next week.

Thank you, Dr. Agha, for your sincere desire to help your students---with the powerful software that you have developed!! It is greatly appreciated.

Karen Bird, USA

Hi Zain,

I own the Z-5 Forex Scalping System

I have just used it on a demo account a few times. It seems to be quite accurate.

Best regards,

Fritz Haupt, Switzerland


ZWINNER-21 System is one of the practical and positive systems that I see till now , in the last 6 years that I have been in the market .

Best Wishes

Siamak Maboudian

The Best Trading System is the News Fx Strategy and the Best Robot is the Zwinner News Robot.
Its amazing within a few minutes the news robot makes 100's of pips.
I am very happy with it as it has made a great difference to my trading.
The News Robot has turned me into a profitable trader. Anyone struggling as I was should use the News Robot to make money at least 2 times a day and never miss the Australian News. That is the news that has started making me rich.

When I am not trading the news I trade with the Zwinner-21 System. That too is a great System.

God Bless You Dr. Agha, you have changed so many lives for the better.

Warmest Regards,

Chris Jones, UK

Hello Dr. Agha

I have all of these systems and more.

1) ZWINNER-21 System
2) ZWINNER-22 System
3) Z-5 Forex Scalping System
4) Z-20 ADV Breakout System
5) Z-20 PULLBACK System
6) Z-20 AMERICAN Breakout System
7) Z4X Long Term Trading System

I just bought the Z4X Long Term Trading System this past week, so I have no experience with it. But I like that it provides steady signals. I plan to use this system consistently along with the other systems. I like the News Trading Robot which can be time managed better because you know when the news is coming out for which country.

The system I like best is the Z-5 Advanced Forex Scalping System because it can be used on smaller financed accounts. This system has the quickest potential to grow a small account very quickly. It has less risk with the use of small stop losses. It has so much potential because the market moves up and down all day long. Usually more than a few pips are earned with each trade many times throughout the day, which really adds up to a nice profit every day. The best part of this system is that it tells you when to exit the trade. Many systems tell you when to enter the trade but not when to successfully exit the trades. All the Z – systems have this valuable feature. The Z-5 Advanced Forex System is easy to learn and set up. It can be traded any time of the day no matter what hours you work, and in whatever time zone you live in – there is a Forex session this system can be traded in.

For me, the hardest to use systems are the ones that work best with the London sessions, because that is the middle of the night for me. Z-20 ADV Breakout System and the Z-20 PULLBACK System. They are very profitable systems – but I can not trade them.

Malinda Sever, USA

Hello Dr Agha

Recently I purchased Zwinner21 system. Although a newbie I'm quite happy with the performance of the system.
Thank you very much.

Jaime Guerra

I own two of your systems. Z4X and the Z5-Scalping system of which I just purchased a week ago. I purchased the Z4X system about a month ago and have been demo trading it on Daily charts. Even though it has not produced a lot of trades due too the daily charts, it has shown to be quit profitable. Once a trade is signaled it seems to keep you in the trade for considerable profit. Thus you are avoiding a lot of screen time, spreads, and being whipsawed out of trades. I believe this system has great potential for my trading. Another great aspect to the system is it does not require a lot of my time. It is a great system to use if you have to work a regular job, for it only takes about ten minutes each night to review the charts.

Kevin, USA

Good Day Dr Zain,

My name is Dan I am from Romania and I start the trading in june 2012 .
I buy from you 3 systems: Z5 scalping,Z20 breakout system and finally Z 21.I already use all 3 . I can't work with Z5 because the scalping system is not for me simply I don't like the scalping or maybe i do same mistake and I can't control that. Z20 give me the good result but I like very much the Z21 after I tested that I start to like medium and long terms trading . I like so much the system for trading the news also but infortunatly I can't buy it now. What I don't find in your system haw we determine the target wen I start a trade I can determinate the stop loos but I can't identify the target to take profit .I discovered the force of the indicators X factors I appreciate that very much in 4 hours and daily trading combine with the support and resistance that give me many times the very good opportunity to enter to trade. For determining the target I use this indicator:(TMA+CG band with band deviation 2.5 and 3.5), the middle band I use for the first target and the opposite band for the second target.My chart look now like in the attachment. Sory because I ad in your system another indicator but that help me in my style of trading. After few weks with your permission I will sent you sommes result of my trading . I winch you long life to help us.

Sincerely yours

Dan, Romania


I own the ZWinner21 System, the Z4X ( my latest purchase), and tried the News Trade EA for one month.

The News Trade EA is my last place, because it lost me more money in one News Release, than it won in the 4 Releases before. It was fascinating but is defenetly not my style of trading. For me it is to risky.

I like the ZWinner 21 very much and I am trading it for about 2 years now. It is profitable but sometimes the repainting is a bit anoying. You jump into a trade, and the next candle all the indicators tell you there was never one. But after a while you learn to filter those problems out by yourself.

Since I am trading the larger timeframes, I throw an eye on the Z4X. And this system is awesome, my Number 1. Clear Entries & Exits, that stand, no matter if some of the indicators repaint or not. And if you loose, you loose only small ammounts, because the SL will almost never be hit, because the exit signal comes long time before. A+ for the Z4X, my favorite.

Excuse my english.

Best regards
Nils Weissflog -Germany-

I got the News Trading Robot first and then I got the News Fx Strategy Manual Forex News Trading System.

I must say I am delighted with the results. I know in advance when I have to trade, this is a grate advantage and I can plan my trades a day before and set the alarms for half an hour before the important news I want to trade. BRAVO! Well thought of.

I recently buy the Z-5 Scalping System and also the Z4X System.

First I wait to get signal on the Z4X. If I get Buy Signal, I go Long with the Z4x which is on 4Hour TF then I start to trade with the Z-5 Scalping System. As and when I get signals I only buy never sell until I get exit Signal of the Z4X.

Thank you Dr. Agha advising me on the Skype chatting to only trade in the direction of the Z4X System.

I am very very happy with all the systems I buy from Dr. Agha

Eddie Guerrero, Malaga, Spain

Over a period of 5 years, I bought and tried many EA's & Indicators. About 2 months ago, I came across Dr. Zain's site with a recommendation from a friend. I decided to try the Zwinner News Trading Robot, at which I was very pleased with the results.

A month later decided to purchase the Z-5 Forex Scalping System. I found this set of Indicators very accurate, specially if used on an hour chart, after all news for the day are out.

Since I was having very good results with his packages, I decided to buy one more set of indicators-Z4x Trading System. Even though I set up this indicators, I have not used them enough to give my honest opinion as I have been focusing more on Z-5 Forex Scalping System.

Overall I am very pleased with Dr. Zain's products and especially his support either via email or Skype. In all these many years, I have yet to get such hands on support as Dr. Zain is prepared to provide.

Jay S.

Dallas, TX. (USA)

The news trading strategy that Dr Zain developed is now my new favorite forex trading strategy. We have only been trading about a month now, and are still figuring out which releases are the best to trade, but so far

  • Private Capital Expenditure q/q for Aussie pairs,
  • Unemployment,
  • Bank Interest Rates votes,
  • Claimant Count change for GBP pairs and
  • CPI q/q for AUD pairs
    are my favorite releases.

    The two best releases netted 250 and then 375 pips within about 30 minutes trading time each. This strategy, when I filtered the pairs away from the unprofitable ones (which I don't trade anymore) the total pips gain was 1010 pip in the first three weeks. Very exciting to me. Never seen success like this before.

    Thanks Dr. Z for this neat strategy and great trading robot assistant too.

    Here is a screenshot of my filtered trades the first three weeks.

    John R,

    Virginia, USA

    Good Morning All,

    First thing first, please allow me to thank Dr. Agha for the work he did put in building such effective strategies as Zwinner 21. I am using it for 4 days now, and it is quite simple to use. Anyone can start make money the first day. It does not require any special knowledge. If one knows how to place an order, how to move stoploss to breakeven, how to eventually partial close, it is a children's game. I did not calculate how much can one take from the market each day, but I would say that on smaller time frame it could be as much as 100 to 200 pips per week, on one currency pair. Now, one could trade 30 min charts and above so it gives more time to place orders on many pairs which adds results. Make the math yourself and you'll see that bigger time frame gives you more on move value, on $ value, and you gets you, your life back. Work 20%, enjoy 80% or your time. As I do not know others zwinner manual strategies, I have no comparaison info, but it seems to me that the colored visualisation allows anyone, novice or veteran trader, to catch with the glimpse of an eye the entries. For the exits, you'll have to choose something convenient for yourself, or what the rules tells you. What is important in trading as in any other fields is the way you read the charts. It's a map which allows you to read the markets. I believe that there is a point we reach when we do not need a map to read the road. For those like me who still need colored confirmations of entrries and exits, ZWinner21 is a set of tools that make the best job for that purpose. I did not catch yet all the subtilities of ths system , but I know that its design is so clear and the model so versatile, that it can read (can be applyied) probably to any market and any time frame, let it be currency pairs or commodities, indices or even stccks.

    Now about the News EA, this is a very powerfull tool. Same as the previous manual strategy, the settings are very simple, it requires very small work, you just need some time the first time you set your charts and profiles, then it takes a couple minutes to prepare the charts for the event. I use this for a month now, I made many mistakes such writing the worng hour formats or dates. I traded all red news but then I got the info that we should choose only certain news. So for me this month was a loosing month on my News EA Demo account. On the other hand, geopolitical situation did not help. Now , yesterday was a brillant day, the robot was working very hard and the results were astonishing and in a matter of minutes. So to sum up my experience with Dr. Agha work, so far, I would advise anyone, novice or seasoned trader to give it a try. The novice trader will be able to recoup his investment the first month, and the seasoned trader, even if he thinks he is fine with his own stuff, I will say give it a try because you most probably will earn additional money and on top of that you will learn something new.

    I wish to all much succes, and as much time as possible to spend the money you'll earn with ZWINNERS products. Take care,

    Mikolaj, Poland

    I have purchased almost all your systems, which include

    1) ZWINNER-21 System
    2) ZWINNER-22 System
    3) Z-5 Forex Scalping System
    4) Z-20 PULLBACK System
    5) Z-20 AMERICAN Breakout System
    6) Z4X Long Term Trading System

    Although i think every system is unique and has its own potential i would have to say that i traded the Z21 for two years on a daily basis on the 15 mins charts and produced great results earning about 100 pips daily trading 5 pairs, but since the Z4x came out i have been trading it for three months now and i have to say that i have gotten even better results, i was not a fan of 4hr charts but this system has changed my perspective on long term trading, i am definately more profitable following the rules of this system and i have to say i have adopted this template as my final forex system, i love it and i will recoomend it to any forex trader out there, 4hr charts are the way to go and you will be more profitable, so thank you dr. Zain for putting out this great system, it has changed my trading career,


    Jaime, Mexico

    Hi Dr. Agha

    I was looking for a good Forex system on line I stumble across z-winner systems.

    I attended the News Strategy Webinar which was very good but I cannot subscribe right now because I cannot afford to pay every month.
    I was little bit confused which Forex system to purchase when I read the testimonies of other students then Z-5 Scalping System looks promising to me.
    I purchased Z-5 Scalping System. One good thing about Z-5 is you can use this to trade any time frame.

    Even though the deadline was over for discount to buy the system, Dr. Agha was kind enough to give me 70% discount.
    I recommend highly to any one who wants to start with as little as $500 account you can go for Z-5 Scalping System.

    Thank you.

    B Singh, Australia

    Dear Dr Zain,

    Finding the trusted Z-5 Forex Scalping System, it focuses on simplicity, which also helps you to execute with discipline and good psychology, you are sure to be profitable and gain confidence each time.

    Says who you may ask ?

    Is it professional traders who are making a living from their trading,

    Traders like Dr. Zain Agha, Who spent his days reading the market from minute to minute, hour to hour, figuring out the odds of it doing this or that, adapting dynamically, thinking of trading ideas as the action unfolds.

    Dr Zain is dedicated in creating many profitable trading systems, to help beginners like myself.

    The Z5 system, has had all the hard work taken out for the beginner trader and made into a clear-cut, straightforward trading system.

    I live in Australia and I bought this system just under 2weeks ago, I only got to trade it live for the first day and a half, before my father was rushed to Hospital for his ongoing heart condition. but I must admit in the first day of trading the Dr Zain system, I successful traded and closed 7 from 8 trades for a total of 70pips within a space of 2hours on the 5 min timeframe with the GBP/JPY pair.

    Please bear in mind as Dr Zain mentions NOT to be Greedy and take 10pips at a time. I made more money in those 2 hours trading than I do working all day in my government job. I cannot thank you enough Dr Zain, especially for taking your time on Team-viewer helping me setup my MT4 platform and explaining to me, 1 on 1 how to trade the system.

    I highly recommend the Z-5 Forex Scalping System it works on anytime frame and pair.
    Dr Zain always responds to my emails and Skype texts, and his sincerely a man of his words.

    P.S Dr Zain, My dad should be out in a few days, and Hopefully I will be back online trading soon, C u on Skype.

    Thanking you Dr Zain

    Dr. Agha,

    I have the following:

    1) ZWINNER-21 System
    2) ZWINNER- 4 hour System

    I love BOTH systems tremendously!!!

    I'm really happy I bought the systems. I think the Systems are set up to be so easy to use, especially for a novice like myself. What I think is best about the systems is your training sessions and how reliable they are. You're an exceptional educator, patient, and kind. You are god's blessing to us all and your generosity is so much appreciated. It has made all the difference great difference in my life and my trading. You have saved many lives with all of your hard work and dedication. May god continue to bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

    Thank you,

    Johnny Moyer, USA

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