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It simply not easy to qualify a Forex Trading System and Mentoring Program that will provide you with solid Forex trading fundamentals and systems that perform consistently over time. Our Forex Trading Systems and Mentoring Program have helped hundreds of people become consistently profitable and successful full-time forex traders.

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Providing reliable and consistently profitable forex trading systems since 2004, Dr. Agha’s forex trading systems have produced scores of effective forex traders.


Forex Mentoring Program


The Forex Mentoring Program provides live trading experience using several ZWinner Trading Systems, as well as develops your skills in discretionary price action trading.


Z-20 Advanced Breakout System


Since introduced in September 2012, the Z-20 Advanced Breakout System has proven itself with outstanding testimonials about its steady and profitable performance.


Forex Mentor Dr. Zain Agha


A Research Scientist turned full-time trader in 1996, Dr. Agha shares his story about his path to developing his trading systems and mentoring others in the forex trading markets.


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January 30, 2013
Dr. Zain Agha,
Having just finished your Forex Mentoring Program, I am writing to express my gratitude, appreciation, excitement and commendation for the program.
I traded commodities on the CME years ago but have been inactive for some time. One year ago I started searching for a forex trading strategy. I tried out, tested and got ripped off for at least 50 so-called systems. Last fall I found your Z-20 Advanced Breakout system. To my utter amazement and delight it worked!! You were also the first and only strategy author that responded to support. This initial system support convinced me to subscribe to the Forex Mentoring Program.
The mentoring class exceeded anything that I had even imagined it might be. I am one to actually read documentation that comes with a program. Despite having set up the Z-20 Advanced Breakout system correctly, with your assistance, I always had uneasiness that I was doing it correctly. But, hearing your commentary as each indicator was installed before our eyes relieved any anxiety I still had. And then, to hear your expanded discretionary commentary, made the systems expand their depth of capability before our eyes. The visible system is only a part of the tool. Your mentoring of the system multiplies their capability and value immeasurably.
Each day as each system was built and explained I grew to gain a deeper understanding of that system having learned the prior ones. One of the prospects that you defined for your program was ‘someone looking to change careers’. My last career required 4 years of college. Two weeks and the tuition is an insignificant investment for a new career. Although the initial course is finished, the continuing education and support you offer ‘for free and forever’ is beyond my expectations. I can now wholeheartedly believe you when you said ‘This is the last system you will ever need to purchase’.
Thanks for designing the systems. Thanks for offering them for our use. Thanks to you and for the mentoring program. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

JANUARY 30, 2013

Dr Agha: I have tried many systems over the last 3 years. Not one has given me the ease of trading your Z-20 system has given me . To log in daily see you there, copy your trade placements & collect 80 pips. Yesterday of your 4 recommended trades 1 was a loss. 15 Pip loss . Dr Agha recommeds 20 Pip Take Profit. I let the other 3 trades run & they covered the loss and once again I got my daily 80 pips . All done within 90 minutes of London open. Step up, buy this system, enter Dr Agha's Trading Room Daily, See your account grow. Thanks Dr Agha. Ron Baldwin.


Dear Sir, I just started trading FX in this year, I spent over US $10k for the courses and software as well as FX signal providers. From the 8 months of trading, I had lost almost every week and month. My FX accounts were get hit by 40% with US $12k loses accumulated. I almost gave up in the FX trade, by chance, I have found Z20 were the profitable FX system for daily income as introduced by one of your former student David Bradshaw. I start traded the Z20 Breakout System 2 months ago by myself. The results were making little profits week after week. But 3 weeks ago, I got your invitation to join the trading group of Breakout Trading, this was the turning point for me to cut lose and get daily profit in the trading room. For these 2 weeks, I made over $3k because I traded mini lots. Further important, with the leadership and mentorship from Dr, this makes me confident to trade on FX with this great system for daily income. I got early retired for my home affairs, I shall have to spend and develop to be a full time trader. I trusted the systems from Dr are very profitable, especially the Z20 Advance Breakout.

–H.K. TSUI, HONG KONG - 2012-11-04