Here is a Simple System based on the Asian Session Breakout just before the European Session opens.

The Markets during the Asian Sessions are generally thin and not much volatile and because of this reason the markets are mostly in consolidation. As soon as the European Markets open especially the London Market the Volatility increases and so does the volume. Because of the high volume during the London Session, there is generally a breakout of the Asian Ranging Market and we can easily get 20 pips or more profits on each pair that we trade. We will be trading 5 pairs, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY and EUR/GBP. This will provide us 1000 pips a day.

I will be providing you with a Template that will calculate and show you when and where to place your Pending Orders, Stop Loss and Take Profit. This system will suit people who do not wish to sit in front of the computer all day long and who are happy with 50 to 100 pips Profit a day. It takes only about Half an Hour at the most to set your Trades up. You can look forward to making upto 100 pips within the next Two Hours most of the time. Some days it may take a little bit longer.

If you live in the Eastern Time Zone then you can place your Pending Orders at 01:45 AM and go to bed. Its most likely that you would make upto 100 pips by the time you get up in the morning.

If you live in the UK or Europe then you need to get up early in the morning and place your Pending Orders just before 07:00 AM UK time.

I put my Alarm Clock to wake me up at 06:30 and I am on my laptop until 07:15. Just before 07:00 am I place my Pending Orders with Take Profit and Stop Loss and go to bed again. I then wake up at about 11:00 and generally find that I have made a profit of upto 100 Pips. Some days I get stopped out too on some pairs. Not all of my trades are 100% Winners. What matters most is that by the end of the week I am always in Profit.

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OK, let me explain how you are going to trade. Look at the chart below:
These trades are spread over a week. Each Blue Box with Red Inbox is a day of the week. The Red Box is the Asian Session's Consolidation. You will notice that during the European and London session there is a breakout from the Blue box. The Market can go either way up or down and you make money when you catch the trade in the correct direction.

To help you catch the correct direction, I have incorporated some of my Custom Indicators which are not shown on this chart for obvious reasons. You will notice that everyday when there is a breakout from the Blue Box, the Market makes more than 20 pips, but we are not greedy, we are happy with just 20 pips with each pair and since we are trading 5 pairs we stand a good chance of making 100 pips or more daily.

Some days, as on Friday (the last Blue Box) there are fake signals. To filter out fake Signals, my Custom Indicators will help you avoid the Fake Signals and take the trade in the correct direction and make good money.

I can assure you that amongst all of my Systems these two are the Best, Most Profitable and very easy to trade.

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