How To Become A Professional Forex Trader!
The only way you can become a Pro is by
Trading The Forex News.
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Have you ever heard of a Bank going Bankrupt?

All the Top Successful Professionals use Systems and the System that they use most is the News Trading System. The News and Data Releases by various Governments do not lie, they provide you with information about the economy of their country and this is reflected in the price of their Currency. These News and Data Release dates and times are freely available on various websites.

The Banks and the Professionals take advantage of this fact and Trade these Currencies to make loads and loads of money. The Ordinary Folks just use Technical Analysis and use their judgements and lose their money. They read about Technical Analysis and think they know it all. Technical Analysis works when everything is over. All the Indicators are Lagging. Of course you do need some help from these Technical Indicators but you cannot rely on them 100% of the time. They show what happened in the past not whats going to happen Now or in the Future.

But News Trading is something that you can rely upon 100% of the time if you know how to. This is where I come in to help you and show you how to.
During my last 19 years of Trading I have been developing various Strategies and some of them are already available on my websites.
My first Strategy was based purely on Technical Analysis. It still works but as I said not 100% of the time. Therefore I had to search for filters to Filter out bad trades and provide us with at least 95% of profitable trades.

In my quest for the Holy Grail, I developed further Strategies that do not rely on the Technical Indicators. These Strategies do work and all of my students use them and make lots of money. I have loads of Testimonials from them. My Latest and the Most Profitable Strategy is the ZEE MONEY MAKER System. Its also extremely easy to trade with.

I have now developed Three Different Systems to Trade the News and combined them in one Package. All three of them are here for you to trade whichever way you are comfortable with. All three of them are Highly Profitable. Three different ways to Trade the News and turn yourself into a Pro. Say goodbye to your Boss and work from the Comfort of your Home because you will be getting a "Money Making Machine".
The third Strategy is the one the Banks use and we can beat them at their own game.

It is a well known fact that 80% of the Traders lose their money to the 20% of the Successful Traders and out of these 20% Successful Traders, 5% are right on top earning in Millions.

Where do you want to be? Think seriously. Take your time and visualise where you want to be before the end of 2016. What are your Future Goals. Yes, you and only you can set your Goals and Achive them. All you need to Achieve your Goals are:

  • Knowledge
  • Effort and
  • Determination

Yes, I can provide you with Knowledge but you must put in the Effort.
Yes, I will provide you with the Education but you must use your Determination to Succeed.
Yes, I will provide you with all the help and ongoing Support all the time but you must be willing to cooperate with me and do as I explain you.

Your Success is My Success!. If you are Successful, I am Successful too.

Trading the News is the Most Profitable way to trade. We have over 8000 members now and the number is growing fast because News Trading works.

When an important Data is released, all of the major Banks and Investors all over the World, jump in the Market which causes the prices to go Wild and the prices go one way or the other and form a Trend most of the time.

Every Week, Thousands of our Members make Big Money, often very quickly, Trading The Forex News Strategy! You too can join them and make big money.

It is not difficult to make at least $500.00 every day!
I am giving you 3 Strategies in 1, which are not available anywhere on the net and no one teaches you these Strategies in their Forex Trading Courses. These are the most guarded Secrets used by BANKS and Successful Traders. You will find how easy it is to make more than $500.00 within only Half an Hour or so !

Every day of the month Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays there is some form of News and Data Release by the Government of every country.These Data Release dates and times are provided on various websites. I will show you where to look for them.

By Purchasing the "NEWS FX STRATEGY" you become a LifeTime Member of our ZWINNER Club, automatically. Your Login details will be provided to you together with the Strategies. 

So how would you trade to profit by the news. This is what I will teach you.

Here is an enlarged 1 Minute GBP/USD chart for you to study.

Here is a 15 Minutes USD/CHF Chart. Have a look at it and see how much you would have made trading the NonFarm PayRoll.

You would have made a minimum of $750.00 in about 4 hours. Opportunities like this arise 5 to 8 times every week. You can calculate how much would that be in a months time, 20 to 30 times a month. If you would trade on all these days and earn an average of $500.00 per day, trading just 1 Lot, that would make you $10,000.00 Plus per month easily. And if you can increase your lot size then Sky Is The Limit.

These are very Simple, Easy and Highly Profitable Strategies anyone can use.

This is just like Striking a Gold Mine. I will show you how exactly to trade, What to Trade, What News to Trade, Where to get the figures released without subscribing to the Paid Services, What time to place your orders, when to Exit with Great Profits and how to prepare for the next news.

NEWS FX STRATEGY will transform you into a Professional Trader.

NEWS FX STRATEGY will revolutionise your trading. No more huge losses. NEWS FX STRATEGY will make sure you make great profits whenever there is a News or Data Release. No more losses. Great profits almost Daily. Any one can extract 50 to 100 PIPs at a time. Extremely easy.

If you have purchased my Strategies before, then you know that my simple strategies work, there is no need to complicate things when you can achieve good if not better results than using any other complicated methodologies. If you have been in this business for a while than you would know what I am talking about. You also know how Genuine I am. I shall not sell you any rubbish. I shall deliver to you a solid Gold Mine!

It's like a Money Making Machine. Your's to keep forever.

I am not going to sell it cheap, I don't want the method getting out of hands to every other trader on this planet. I am also not offering any Money Back Guarantee as I want only Genuine traders to possess NEWS FX STRATEGY. I don't want time wasters and those who want something for nothing. First they purchase an item and then they try to find an excuse and ask for a Rufund. No Sir, there is no refund. Take it or leave it.

Those who are skeptical shall never be successful in life. Those who have Big Hearts and are not afraid to take a Plunge are the people who are always successful in whatever endeavour they undertake. Its upto you, make your life a Success or stay as you are and where you are in the same state, without putting any effort to improve your life style.

Let me assure you. I am not going to take your money and leave you alone. No Sir!, I shall provide you Ongoing Help and Support whenever you need it.

I have been told by some of our members that the amount of money I am charging for this course is peanuts compared to how much one can earn. Some have suggested that I should charge $3000.00 for it because the seminars that one attends and pays over $3000 does not come even near to what this sytem earns them. But I have kept the price within everybody's reach. Not everyone can afford $3000.00

This Money Making Machine is yours to keep forever !

So make up your mind. Your Actions Determine Your Future. Buy it now, you will never regret it. In fact you will be Transforming Your Life For The Better.

The money you will spend on purchasing this System will be recovered in your very first trade.

I look forward to work with you and transform you into a Professional Forex trader.

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