(Highly Profitable Day Trading System)

I am going to share with you an Excellent Day Trading System that I have been researching and developing for the last few months. I have also been trading daily with excellent results.

This is a very Easy and Safe System and guaranteed to make lots of pips if you follow the system exactly as described in the "Z-SWINGER System"

I shall teach you With the help of lots of charts and I shall make it extremely easy for you to understand and implement it. This is an ideal System for both the most Experienced Traders as well as the Newbies.

The beauty of this system is that there are rarely any losing trades.

Z-SWINGER System incorporates 4 different Filters before you take any Trade. These Filters help you enter the Market at the Right Time and they also help you avoid Bad Trades. You will therefore hardly find any losing trades in this system. Avoiding Losing trades is the Key to your Success. Profitable Trades are what we are after. You will get many many Profitable Trades almost every day.

Here are some charts showing you the trades that I took. Most of these trades were taken not at the begining of a Trend or at the end of a Trend but right in the middle of a Trend. This is to make sure that you do not get any false signals and you do not pick up any Bad or Losing Trades.

If you do not make any money with this System then you are only to blame yourself. The reason why I am saying to blame yourself is that I do not see any reason why one could lose trading the Z-Swinger. It is a very very Safe System and we rarely get any losing trades.

I also show you how important it is to keep an eye on the News and Data Releases by various countries.How you should make a list of all the News going to be released throughout your Trading Day before you start trading and how to incorporate them in your Trading.

I also show you how I trade with the actual News coming out. Z-SWINGER will not replace my "News FX Strategy" but it shows you generally how and what considerations you should take when the News Reports come out.

I also show you how to plan your trades the night before and find a possible Trending day to trade.You will be amazed, how simple it is to find a Trending Day in Advance.
Here is a Trending Day and I made 255 pips profit on the 30th of September 2008. Amazing!

I also show you how to Trade on the Non Trending or Ranging Days and still make Profits.
Here is an example of a Non Trending Day Trade.

I also show you 5 different types of Exit Strategies that you could Master and use them to maximize your Profits. Master any one of them and stick with it.

The Price To Pay For Such A Profitable System:

I charge nearly 500.00 for my Z-100 System and I would like to keep the price the same for the Z-SWINGER

But looking at the Financial crisis going on these days, I think not everybody would be able to pay that much. I would therefore keep the price at 197.00

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