The BIG MOVE Catcher!

A System which will catch
Up as well as Down
(The Price Has Been Reduced to Less than Half)

(ZRC Makes $23,000.00 Profit During the Month of February 2008)

A Purely Mechanical System, no Descretion used.

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$18,500.00 Profits in March 2008!

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The BIG MOVE Catcher!

A System which will catch
Up as well as Down

In my search for the "HOLY GRAIL of Forex Trading" I have been developing systems which are very easy to understand, easy to implement and which uses little or no Technical Indicators and ideal for the beginners in Forex Trading and equally adaptable by the most refined and experienced Professional Forex Traders.

Presently one of my Systems "ZTL Forex Trading Method" is being used by more than 700 Traders amongst whom there are many well known and renowned Professional Traders too.

Many of our Members have been asking me how to catch the BIG MOVES and if I can develop a System whereby we can catch all the big moves whether Up or Down.

"The ZRC System" is the result of those requests.

ZRC is my latest development. It took me more than 7 months to develop it. It has been Back Tested to 3 years now giving profits in excess of $7000.00 per month on a Mechanical Trading basis. If Discretion is used the profit margins rise by about 30% on top of the Mechanical Trading results.

Nowadays everybody is looking for Mechanical Systems where you do not have to use your Brains and your Emotions. ZRC fits that criteria. No need to use your judgement. Just follow the signals appearing on the charts and enter and exit the Markets and keep reaping High Profits. As Easy as that.

Although ZRC is a purely Mechanical System, I shall also show you how to use Discretion to earn even higher profits. If you are an experienced trader then use the Discretionary Method.

ZRC is based on time and a few Technical Indicators with excellent results as you can see in the charts below.

Here are some of the latest trades performed during the month of April 2008. On the 1st of April we had 3 Trades and we made a profit of 139 pips, that is $1390.00 trading just single lots.

Then on the 3rd of April we had 3 trades again and made a Profit of 126 pips, that is $1260.00

On the 8th of April we had just one Trade and we made a Massive Profit of $1660.00 trading just one lot.

On the 14th of April we had only 2 Trades and again we made a Massive Profit of $1830.00 trading just single Lots. Had you traded 5 Lots which eventually you would do, you would have made $9150.00 just in 1 day.

So you see how profitable ZRC system is and how easy it is to implement it.

This system will suit people who can commence their trade during the night time in USA and early Mornings in Europe. The American Session starts at 01:00 New York Time, 6:00 London Time

There are Millions of people who work night shift. Maybe you would like to join them and trade from the comfort of your home when its very quiet and everybody is in bed and no one around to disturb you. You can concentrate more when its quiet and no one around you. How about enjoying light relaxing music and trading at the same time.

Our Trading Day starts at 01:00 ET and ends at 17:00 ET. This means that our Trading Day consists of 16 hours. If you are the type who cannot stay awake all night then you can settle for a few pips less profit and trade anytime of the day when you see the signal. ZRC will still make a considerable difference to your life.

Suppose you wake up at 08:00 ET and look at the chart. The signal is there and we have already entered the Market Short or Long, we have made a profit of say 40 pips upto now, you can enter the market at this time. The only difference will be that you will profit 40 pips less than the others. So you can settle for less profit or you can double or tripple your lot size in order to make up for the lost profits.

I have made an arrangement with a friend of mine and we work in partnership. He enters the Market early Mornings and is there for about 6 hours and then I take over from him for 8 hours and then he does 2 hours. This suits us as we do not miss any trade. It would be ideal to trade in partnership with your spouce, your off springs, brothers, friends or partner, whichever suits you and you can keep in touch with each other through MSN or Skype or PalTalk.

Another Good News is that you can trade ZRC in conjunction with ZTL.
ZRC suits the Trending Market and ZTL suits the Range Market.
Once you enter the ZRC Market, you can place an Audio Alert at a specified point on your chart and keep trading ZTL. As soon as you hear the Audio Alert signal, you would need to divert your attention to ZRC.
ZRC does not require your attention as much as ZTL.

As usual I will be trading this and posting my daily charts on my website within the Members Area so that you may check if you traded accordingly or made any mistakes. If you did make any mistakes then these charts would help you rectify your mistakes and they will help to transform you into a Refined professional Trader.

ZRC is available in Hard Copy form or in Digital Format, whichever you prefer, would be sent out to you.

Here are some recent testimonials sent to me by our members:
(These are genuine Testimonials. Can be inspected for authentication)

The above one was from Denmark.
The one below is from USA:

And here is one more from USA:

Here is Bob again from USA:

One More from Morocco:

A more recent one from USA:

I had been away since November 2007 on a Training Mission to the Far East, therefore you do not see the Performance of ZRC for the last 3 months. I have now returned back to UK and here are the performance of ZRC since the 1st of February 2008. Just look for yourself and see how Profitable is the ZRC System.

On the 1st of February 2008 ZRC made 180 Pips.

On the 4th of February 2008 ZRC made 111 Pips.

On the 5th of February 2008 ZRC made 122 Pips.

On the 6th of February 2008 ZRC made 52 Pips.

On the 7th of February 2008 ZRC made 183 Pips.

On the 8th of February 2008 ZRC made 73 Pips.

On the 11th of February 2008 ZRC made 162 Pips.

Every day ZRC Makes Profit.

A System which will catch
Up as well as Down

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Please Note:
This system is not for those who want something for nothing. There is NO REFUND so please do not waste your time and mine. ZRC is only for Serious Forex Traders.
This system will also not suit those who wish to copy and sell it under a different name as it has been copyrighted. Be prepared to face legal action and pay heavy Penalties.