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A Nephew of mine who lives in Orlando will become a Millionaire this year. He is already up $650,000.00 He trades 5 to 10 lots at a time. He Trades ZTL and ZRC together and also News FX Strategy whenever there is a News Release. He has accounts with 7 or 8 Different Brokers.

He is Trading News Fx Strategy, ZTL and ZRC. He says that ZRC alone has made him more than $350.000.00 since he started trading ZRC.

Although I am his teacher, he is earning many many times more than me. Why is that? Why has he surpassed me?

The reason is that he has Determination and he has a Goal in front of him. He wants to become a Millionaire before he gets married. He has Visions of living in a Big Mansion, Driving Jaguar and Rolls Royce and Cadillac and Ferrari Sports Cars.

Whereas I am retired, wish I was young again.

It was in December 2005 when I produced my First Strategy called "FOREX TRADING SECRET STRATEGY". The News spread soon amongst all my Friends and Relatives. I put my System on EBay and as far as I remember my nephew was the first person to buy it. When I found out that it is him who has purchased it, I sent him an email asking why did he not mention it to me that he is interested in my system, I wrote I would have given it to you for free. He replied I want to encourage you, if no one would buy your system, you would easily give up. Now this is a sign of "Greatness". Encouraging others and helping them to be Successful instead of being critical and trying to find faults in other people.

Those who encourage others and help others Succeed are the ones who are Successful themselves.

Anyway, He opened a Demo Account and started trading. As he was learning and practicing he kept increasing his lots and soon he had made more than $300,000.00 in his first month of Demo Trading.

He sent me his trading account from Orlando. I was amazed to see how good this youngster is doing, but then I told myself, well its only a Demo Account, anyone can do that.

He had completed his education and was looking for a job during those days. He spent $47.00 to purchase my Strategy and that's all he could afford at that time.

In January 2006 just after the New year, he borrowed some money from Friends and opened a Live Account and started trading.

He won some and lost some. It was nothing like the Demo Account he was trading. His trading Style changed and he was making mistakes, getting out of a trade too early, not entering the market at the right time. Getting in too late, when the Trend is over, etc.

He recalls those days and says it was the fear of losing that made him actually lose. With Demo Trading he knew that he is not trading with his own money so he was fearless, but when it came down to his own money, he got scared because actually it was borrowed money and he had to return the money from whom be had borrowed.

He recalls that he became too cautious and stared making Mistakes. His Mind-Set changed.

One day he was at a Party where his College Friends, who had lent him the money, were present. They asked him how he was doing. He made them aware of the situation he was in. And from here it all started.

His friends were all sons of Rich Dads. They were loaded with money. They told him we have seen your Demo Trading and we have faith in you. We know that you will be Successful. Just think its your own money. We will not ask you for the money we have lent you in case you lost it all. So go ahead and trade Fearlessly. Don't worry about returning our money back to us. Trade Fearlessly.

Now I call them "Real Friends" This is how a Friendship should be. Not expecting anything in return. His friends were all sons of Successful People and they wanted him to Succeed too. If you help others to Succeed, you will Succeed too.

This was the Turning Point in his Life. He started Trading Fearlessly and started making profitable Trades after Trades. Within the first month he was more than $10,000.00 up.

In February 2006 I developed my Second Strategy called "TRADING THE FOREX NEWS" and I sent him a Complimentary Copy and asked him to implement it and check it out.

Within one week he sent me very encouraging report. He mentioned that all of the News that I recommended were profitable. Not a single News went against him, but the only problem was that the brokers would increase their Spread too much just before the News was due and sometimes his orders would not get filled in. So I changed my Strategy to avoid increase in Broker Spread and sent him my Revised System. This worked out very well and he was happy with it.

Next month in March 2006 I developed "PAYROLL TRADING STRATEGY" and sent him a copy of this too.

Change in US Non-Farm Payroll comes out only on the First Friday of the Month. From March 2006 onwards he was trading all the Recommended News and "FOREX TRADING SECRET STRATEGY" together.

Then from April 2006 he added the "PAYROLL TRADING STRATEGY" too to his Trading Arsenal.

He then started increasing his lot size to 2 lots or sometimes 3 lots at a time. As he was increasing his lot size he started having problems with his Broker. I advised him to open accounts with 3 or 4 more Brokers and do not trade with the same broker all the time. (Now he has 7 or 8 Brokers)

By the end of June 2006 he was $90.000.00 up.

He told me that he gave a big Party on his Birthday in June 2006 (He is a Gemini) and invited all his Friends and Relatives and on his birthday he returned double the amount he had borrowed from his friends.

Now his mind was free. He had nothing to give to anybody. I advised him to take out 10% of his income to give to Charity, like I do, and just see how it goes. What difference it makes to his Income.

I advised him "Giving is the Highest Form of Living" and since that day he has been giving and his income has increased 10 folds.

By the end of December 2006 he was up by more than $260,000.00

In December 2006 I developed "THE ZTL FOREX TRADING METHOD" and sent him a complimentary Copy.

After a week I received a phone call from him and he spoke very highly of ZTL. ZTL made a lot of difference to his trading.

It is ZTL that he started increasing his lot size to 10 lots at a time and he would trade ZTL with 2 or 3 brokers at the same time and 10 lots with each trade.

Then in February 2007 I Revised and Improved the "TRADING THE FOREX NEWS" and instead of one Strategy, I included 3 different Strategies to suit all types of Traders. I personally prefer Strategy 3. Now the Forex News trading Strategy reached Perfection and all trades were Highly Profitable. I named it as "NEWS FX TRADING STRATEGY".

This News Fx Strategy and ZTL made a lot of difference to his trading and he started minting money by leaps and bounds.

He phoned me again in March 2007 and asked me to develop a System which would catch all the BIG MOVES.

He also mentioned that he Trades only ZTL and "News FX Strategy" and has given up trading Payroll Strategy and Secret Strategy as they are too slow and time consuming.

He kept sending me emails and phone calls and kept pressing me to develop a System to catch all the BIG MOVES and ZRC is the result of those requests.

In May 2007 ZRC was developed and I sent it to him for Testing and evaluation. With his help and suggestions I made some minor changes to ZRC.

ZRC was finally perfected in June this year and in July it was first released to our Members.

Last time when I spoke to my nephew before I left for my Holidays, he was up by $650,000.00 and he is hoping to become a Millionaire by Christmas this year.

He now Trades only 3 of my systems and he Ranks them as:

1) ZRC 2) News Fx Strategy 3) ZTL

These Ranks are in terms of Profit. But wait a minute. I just sent him ZTL SYSTEM 2 on Wednesday, just 3 days ago. After Trading ZTL SYSTEM 2 he will have to change his Ranking. Of course ZRC will still remain on Top.

He wants to remain Anonymous so please don't send me emails asking for his name and address or his email address.

To Your Success,

Dr. Zain Agha
(Sept 2007)

Update Dec 2008....Millionaire Atlast!

Things did not turn out as expected and he was not able to achieve his target of becoming a Millionaire by December

During the year 2007 I developed a new System and it was so profitable that I decided to keep it for myself. I made a lot of money, I was averaging 100 pips daily.

When I found out in December 2007 that he is no where near the Million Mark, I decided to share the system with him. Just after a week he called me over the phone and spoke very highly of the system and asked me to share it with others too. I was a bit reluctant first but he convinced me to at least share it with our members, those who have purchased any of my systems. He suggested to name it Z-100 as it provides 100 pips or more daily.

Eventally I released the Z-100 in January 2008 only to our Members in limited quantity. Kept it high priced so that only serious traders should have it.

I continued trading the Z-100 and made lots of money and took 4 holidays in the year 2008, had great fun and enjoyed life. My nephew too became a Millionaire in the year 2008 and immediately moved to New York. Presently he is living in New York, still trading and making a good living. He has purchased some properties in and around New York and let them out on rent, so he is also earning through properties while the property prices appreciate at the same time.

Update Dec 2014....Multi-Millionaire Atlast!
This guy got married and now has a daughter who is just over 4 years old.

He is now a Property Tycoon. He told me that a friend of his recommended a book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and after reading this book he entered property business, Buying old properties, renovating them and selling them off with a profit. He now has a Team of construction workers and a manager to look after the business. Most of his bussiness is now carried out in Manhattan and has plans to open a branch in California.

He has bought hundreds of acres of Recreational lands in Madoc County, California and on one of them he is building a Golf Course with some Residential Homes. He has plans to Build a Shopping Mall too and let the shops out on rent.


I am from Morocco, My name is Aziz,

I started trading Forex in 2006 because my one freind also trading already Forex in Fez. First he teach me some.
At that time my English was very very Bad. I had one small shop in Fez, Morocco. But my Shop not very busy. I also have Internet in shop.

I serch google looking for free trading systems and I download many systems and opened Demo Accounts with some Brokers.

Then I met one site luckytips Dr. Zain Agha and he teach me many things. Give me one system free.

I also have to learn English to understand it better. So I also learn English on Internet for free.

I start Demo trading and make some money so my friend told me open account in Switzerland with his broker.

I start with money, sometime win sometime lose. Not good result. I write to Dr. Zain and he says buy ZTL system. So I buy it and first practice for 1 month demo then start with real money. This make me confident. I start making money, good money every day. After some months I buy another system ZRC. This make me rich. This is very good system.

I sell my shop and trade full time. Now I have one English teacher. He come to my home to teach me every day. My English is very good now.

OK. This is my Success Story. Anybody else write their story. I will be happy to read. Thank You. Aziz

Update Dec 2009....I had the privilege of meeting Aziz in person in Morocco
Please read the Interview we had together.